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Enhancing Care with Professional Recruitment

Multiple recruitment strategies to attract top leadership candidates
Recruitment business with a social care background
Rebate period to ensure you get the hire that works
Deep Dive Recruitment Sourcing
Support beyond recruitment process
Passionate about great employment
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Registered Managers
Deputy Managers
Domestic Carers
Admin Staff

permanent care recruitment

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5/5 (from 20+ clients & carers)
What we offer

Professional Recruitment, with Care at the Core

Care does not need to be corporate, but it must be professional. At Ocala Recruitment we specialise in sourcing the best talent to ensure care services meet the full range of their clients need.

Using our own experience in care, we know what passion for outstanding care looks like. To be a truly outstanding care provider, that passion must be present at all levels of a care service. Using a mixture of our own experience, and robust organic and paid recruitment strategies, we are able to attract the best Registered Managers, Care Workers and Nurses in the market.


What our clients say about us

I Have worked for Ocala for over two years now. They are a family-run business and offer great opportunities, and flexibility, and are always there for support. The work fits in very well with other commitments and family life. Best work decision I have ever made. Great company to work for!

Nicola Tyson

Interviewing process and on-boarding was relaxed and stress-free experience. I have completed the 2 training days which were informative and interactive. Everyone I have met has been lovely and easy to talk to. Looking forward to my new adventures.

Tracy Butler

I would highly recommend Ocala Recruitment. The application was very quick and I was kept up to date through every stage of the process. Plus, they are all extremely friendly and professional!

Sofia Santos

Such a great company! So welcoming and supportive. Best interview I have had and looking forward to working with them!

Charlotte Flowers

Amazing team, great job, I'm really happy that my path crossed with this company, they are so passionate and enthusiastic to all.

Bartek Obuchowicz

So far, it has been five great months of my career at Ocala Recruitment. It feels superb to be part of a team with a strong foundation of shared values and recognises you for the commitment and efforts you put into your work. Which only adds more fuel to keep delivering the highest quality of care.

Kinga Pisarska

"One of the best places I have had the pleasure of working. The team are welcoming and friendly. I have only been with them for a shortly while but feel part of team already as my opinions are listened too and taken on board. I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking of joining to do so."

Sam Drury-Kittle

"Team Ocala is a wonderful team to work with. You get to choose and pick shifts that suite you and your hard work is appreciated. If you want a stress free job? Management always ready to help."

Vivien Asiamah

"Refreshing to see a business that’s so hands on & passionate about their clients and workers. Just finished my two day training with Ocala, and I already feel like a valued member rather than a number! Sam was very engaging and you could tell she was genuinely passionate about what’s she does and teaches!"

Trinity Collins

"Ocala making dreams come true !I have been with Ocala only a few months the team our so supportive of there carers and clients.My client had a dream to go on a cruise with the support of Adam and Sam we gave her the dream.Watching my client and sending photos back to the office we achieved a magical moment which we all celebrated."

Sadie Robbins
Experienced carers & managers

This gives Ocala a thorough understanding of the role.

Shared care values
Dedicated to meeting your business goals

Ocala is dedicated to helping you find the person that meets your business goals.

Passionate about great employment

Ocala seeks partnerships with like minded organisations.

Why Ocala Recruitment should assist you with your next hire

Access to our network
Do not work on more than 3 roles at a time

Ocala does a deep dive into every role to identify the very best candidate.

Understand the importance of care goals
Support beyond recruitment process
Experienced carers & managers

This gives Ocala a thorough understanding of the role.

Passionate about great employment

Ocala seeks partnerships with like minded organisations.

Why use Ocala Recruitment to find your next role?

Excellent and transparent communication
Support beyond recruitment process

Frequently asked questions

Where do you source talent?

At Ocala Recruitment, we believe the best talent is often not looking for work. Therefore we work a variety of marketing and recruitment strategies to ensure your role gets in front of the best potential applicants. This includes social media marketing, CV searching, Head Hunting, and good old fashioned job posting.

What are your fees?

To enquire about our permanent recruitment fees, please call Adam on 01473 378100.

Do you have a rebate period?

All of our permanent recruitment placements are subject to a rebate period. This will give you confidence that we are sourcing committed and qualified talent for your service.

How many roles do you work on at a time?

At Ocala Recruitment, we work on a maximum of three permanent roles at a time. This allows us to do a deep dive on each role, to ensure that we are being effective in our search.

About Ocala

Ocala Recruitment Values, Mission & Purpose


















Redefining agency care to deliver quality, consistent and reliable care that gives care providers confidence.

To be the catalyst for change in agency care by being the best at valuing and appreciating everyone.


Our purpose is to help care providers to deliver outstanding care, whilst enhancing the lives of care staff with rewarding care employment.

Recruitment process



Using a wide variety of recruitment strategies, we headhunt the best talent in the market to your specification.

CV Sift

We manually analyse each potential applicant based on their skills and experience.


Initial Contact

We contact those that meet the criteria of skill and experience, and discuss their availability and your role.


Our consultants conduct a pre-interview to ensure that the candidate shares your values, and meets our expectation for experience, skill, and manner.



We will then send you our three best sourced candidates for the role, which we would recommend you interviewing.


Our latest permanent job roles

There are no permanent job roles available at this time. Please check back soon for the latest updates.
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